BMW cars are love, right? And you will do whatever it takes to protect the precious thing and enhance its look. There are a lot of accessories for BMW that are not only affordable but gives your car the x-factor. You can use these accessories to personalize your vehicle and make your car look aesthetically perfect. In fact, so perfect that you can make people jealous! Feature some best BMW accessories that you can use for most models.

Platinum Shield Car Cover

The car body parts should always look put-together because, let’s face it, people judge us by the outlooks more. And we are obliged to establish a high image in the society. Therefore, taking care of your car isn’t covered in rust or dirt is a big deal. Therefore you need a strong car cover that helps you protect your car from extremities and harsh treatments. Presenting, the Platinum Shield Car Cover. This is a phenomenal car cover made by a company called Car Covers. The high-grade construction and UV-reflective polyurethane coating protect your car from sun and water damage. The synthetic fabric stunts the production of mold and mildew and keeps harmful pollutants at bay. By purchasing this cover, you will get a limited lifetime warranty.

Grolish Car Door LED Projector Courtesy Lights

Oh, you will love this one! It’s a car door LED projector with a BMW logo on it. This means whenever you open your car doors; the BMW logo will flash out of the projector and onto the ground. Clever right? And this doesn’t even cost a lot of bucks, which is cool, right? The lights are effortless to install and takes as less than five minutes. The life span of these lights is of over 50,000 hours. Another great thing about these lights is that it is made up of ABS plastic, a type of plastic that’s eco-friendly. You can use these lightings with models like 3, 5, 6, and 7 Series. As for BMW X5 accessories, you can use these in it as well.

 IJDMTOY M-Colored Grille Insert Trims for BMW 3 Series

This iconic M-colored grille insert trims will give your BMW a simple yet chic makeover. These insert times represent the light blue, dark blue, and red color tones found in the M logo. Like the BMW car door logo projector, it is made of ABS plastic and easy to install. The inserts are available for almost all the BMW models, including the 1-7 series and some variants.

BMW Floor Mats

Are you looking for new floor mats for your BMW to replace? There’s a massive range of BMW floor mats available in the market. Whether you need all-season or all-weather mats for car, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can pick the shade of your choice as well. Many companies even offer M performance-themed floor mats, which can make your car look a little more sporty if it already isn’t’.

There you go, some of the top BMW accessories that are bound to give your car an updated look and leave people totally impressed! You can buy these accessories from Amazon or any car parts shop.


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