You love cars, you want to start a business selling auto parts as well. You have the expertise and the means but you don’t know where and how you should start selling. Well, the best place for you to start your business is obviously online. Online shopping has taken over traditional means of selling. But you know this already. So how do you really start? Where and how do you open your auto parts store? 

Well, you should start by opening an Amazon auto parts store first. Often times people think “Should I be selling auto parts and accessories on Amazon?” Well, I am here to tell you the reasons why you should. The following passages will be reasons on why you should start selling auto parts on Amazon. 

Reason Number 1

When you look at the number for online auto parts sales you will see a trend. Online auto parts sales have a steady growth of 16% per year. The online auto parts sales estimate for 2021 is forecasted to hit 16 billion dollars. And a further 152 billion dollars’ worth of auto parts and accessories sales will be impacted through digital means. 

This means that brick-mortar stores will face a steep decline in sales. This is all the more reason to switch to Amazon. 

Reason Number 2

Two of the biggest marketplaces online is Amazon and eBay. These two cover an extensive assortment of products and services. Nowadays, 70% of all the auto parts sales within the US happens either on Amazon or on eBay. 

This is estimated to be worth around 7.5 billion dollars. Amazon’s fastest growing sector is the auto parts sector. As time goes on it garners more and more direct business from suppliers and car companies.

Reason Number 3

Amazon has more than 2 billion monthly views with 183 million of it being unique visitors. This provides your auto parts store with a great platform.

 If you market your products right on this e-commerce behemoth, then you will easily be able to establish your brand. Such vast exposure to loyal customers provides an amazing platform for any auto parts brand to make a statement. 

Reason Number 4

Amazon finds ways to bring new people in. Their innovative services attract a vast number of different people. Amazon holds the largest market share at the moment. It is estimated that 80 million people have Amazon prime accounts. This means that 64% of US households have prime accounts. 

Not to count the households that have more than one. On top of that, the people who are without a prime account seeks out people with prime accounts. This is so that they can avail the offers, promotions, and other discounts that Amazon keeps offering. It is pretty easy to see that Amazon will keep finding new ways to attract people, why shouldn’t you take advantage of that situation?

Reason Number 5

Did you know from 2015 to 2018 Amazon has surpassed Google in product searches? Yeah, within this time the two tech giants have switched places with Google falling to 46% from its previous 54% and Amazon grew to 54% from its previous 46%. 

This is a huge step for Amazon as it means that they have captured at least 55% of the US product searches online. So now that you know people usually search their product on Amazon I see no reason to not open an Amazon auto parts store. 

Amazon Auto Parts Store Is the Way to Go

These are the reasons why you should be starting your auto parts store on Amazon. With so many advantages and a huge amount of audience base, it is a prime opportunity for an auto parts store to start. Make sure you follow their guidelines when opening the store and you will be on your way to establishing a business. 


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