Have you scratched your Toyota car’s exterior paint and now finding its color code like crazy? Sounds like you are in luck because we are here to help you out finding not only the exterior but also the interior paint code. Toyota cars make small tubes of touch-up paint that match your car’s shade. For repainting purposes, you need to know your car’s paint code. So how can you do that? Your paint code is a 3-digit code containing letters and numerals. There are two types of paint codes available: the exterior and the other for the interior. Today, we will show you how to find both of these codes before you look for it on car info websites.

How to Find the Exterior Color Code?

Open the driver’s side door and look for a label or a sticker inside the door jamb. The paint code is usually located beneath the bar code in the sticker. Look for C/TR letters; the first three digits after the letters are the color code.

If you can’t find the label on the door jamb, locate your VIN code. The VIN code usually sits on the driver’s side dash closely to the windshield. Stand outside and look through the windshield to locate the VIN. Write that down and call your Toyota customer service to inquire about your car’s paint.

Another thing you can do is check your car owner’s manual. This is an easy way to find out the car paint code for both the exterior and the interior colors. The booklet will identify where the paint code placards are placed. So, if the door jamb or VIN gives you a hard time, use the manual.

How to Find the Interior Color Code?

Toyota has a varied range of interior colors, and they classify all the colors by number codes similar to exterior color codes. The interior color codes are also found on the door jamb. The interior codes are also found on the pillar of the driver’s door. Look for a label with code prints. Under the bar code and before the model number, there is a four-digit numeric code. The color code for the interior sits before the letters C/TR.

The interior trim paint code is used to help drivers with repairs of the interior trim. Use the code to ensure that the replacement material’s color matches the interior whenever you are replacing carpets or panels. Toyota can provide the same colored material if you get the code right.

So, if you want to know the exact color of your exterior that corresponds to the color code, keep a note of the number. This will save you from hassles when you would need to buy colors next time. Remember that all color codes have a corresponded color name for familiarity purposes because nobody remembers the code. You can check your Toyota owner’s manual for the specific color name or look up online for the color codes.


That’s all you need to know about the ways you can find your Toyota’s exterior and interior color codes. If you still feel clueless, it’s better to call the Toyota customer center, give them your model number, and they will find the codes for you.


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