You can have only a hair fixing tool, and that is a flat iron. You will use that when you need to make any style with the hair. However, you can use this tool for styling. But before you use this, you need to know about its usage.

There are wrong or right ways to using the flat iron. So the Matrix hair expert suggests a lot of ideas about the dos or don’ts. Check it out for getting useful ideas before you look for “barbershop near me.”

The Mistake: The Hair May Be in Bad Condition for Starting

The Fix: For styling, you may use the flat iron. You can make a lot of hairstyles with this flat iron. But you can have damage or dry hair. So if the hair is not healthy enough, this style may go wrong.

For this, apply conditioners, shampoos, and keep continuing hair treatment. So that the hair will be healthy and you can make many styles as well.

The Mistake: The Hair Section Can Be Much Thick or Large

The Fix: Always be aware that you do not take too thick or large hair for ironing. The hair section needs to be narrow or fine. You can have heavy hair, and you may feel bore while doing it.

If you need a better look for styling the hair, the hair section needs to be perfect. So divide the hair section and secure it with the hair clip then iron it perfectly from top to bottom.

The Mistake: Skipping The Heat Protection While Ironing

The Fix: If you use iron, then you will know that it packs maximum heat. It can damage your hair. For this, you need to make sure that you are applying for heat protection. Surely, it would be best if you used this before ironing the hair. Once the hair becomes dry, then apply the styling primer or spray in the hair. Then iron or blow-dry the hair so that the stays secure.

The Mistake: Your Hair May Not Clean While Flat Ironing

The Fix: Before you use a flat iron to the hair, your hair needs to be properly clean. Clean the hair with shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise, the hair will look rough and dull.

The reason is the dirt of the hair will stick to it and will look rough. So make sure that you keep the hair clean then use the flat iron. Additionally, it will add extra shine to the hair.

The Mistake: Your Hair Looks Damp or Wet While Flat Ironing

The Fix: It is absolutely wrong. If you use the iron when the hair is damp or wet, it can cause huge hair damage. In fact, after ironing the hair, you will not get the perfect result. So you can air-dry or blow-dry the hair before you start flat ironing.

Though, you may have curly or heavy hair. Then while blow-drying, use much tension to smooth the hair, especially if you are doing it yourself instead of going to the “barbers shop near me”. Stay careful while ironing the hair for a better result.


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