Your hair is the focal point of your face and personality. If you are having a good hair day, then you will feel good about yourself and everything will go smooth, but if it is bad hair day then you can assume what will happen.

Beautiful, thick and healthy hair natures blessing but if you are not blessed enough then you can surely do yourself a favor by using deep wave hair extensions or even go for a deep wave full lace wig for special occasions.

What Are Deep Wave Hair Extensions?

Nowadays the trend has shifted from straight sleek hair towards natural wavy hair. Deep wave hair extensions are similar to natural hair with a soft body wave, natural wave or loose wave but with tighter curls. They resemble the texture and elasticity of your original hair and looks almost like original, so when it is attached to your hair, no one can the difference. It adds body and volume to your hair and these hair extensions are the perfect option for people with limp and fine hair.

Types of Deep Wave Hair Extensions

Deep wave hair extensions come in many types so you can choose according to the natural texture and look of your hair.

  1. Brazilian Deep Wave Extensions

These are the best type of deep wave extensions and are made from 100% Brazilian virgin Remy hair extensions. They are widely popular because of their strength, less shedding and unbreakable nature. They come in different lengths are completely original and chemical free so they match with your hair and look very natural. They also have a natural bounce, shine, and luster.

  1. Malaysian Deep Wave Extensions

These extensions are popular amongst the celebrities due to their softness and shiny properties. Malaysian hair is naturally soft, silky and straight in nature and in the form of hair extensions, it becomes bouncy and shiny.

  1. Peruvian Deep Wave Extensions

This matches the hair of African Americans and it gives a very classy look. These extensions will give your hair a very thick and full-bodied look and 3 to 4 locks are needed to produce the thick wavy hair that flows gracefully.

  1. Indian Deep Wave Extensions

This type of hair weave originated from Indian hair or parts of Southeast Asia. These have very soft and feathery feel and are the most sought-after hair extensions due to their versatility and softness. These hair extensions can be easily styled into different kinds of hairstyles as they are very flexible and requires minimal styling products. You can also go for a deep wave wholesale hair New York of Indian hair as they will give you a very graceful look and look very natural.

Caring for Deep Wave Extensions

Caring for your deep wave is very important and if cared right then they will last you at least 2 years. Below are some tips to take care of your deep wave.

  1. Go for professional protein and mask treatments monthly or at least bi-monthly for better care.
  2. Wash your hair gently and it is advised to untangle with fingers or a comp and apply a pre-shampoo conditioner and one afterward as well to maintain the shine and softness.
  3. Never brush vigorously but slowly detangle them with a wide tooth comb.
  4. You can color or bleach deep wave hair but is best to go to a professional salon for color.
  5. Tie your hair in a loose bun and attach a soft pony tie when you sleep so they do not tangle when you wake up.


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