When you invest in beauty, you should always look of the best of the rest. Same goes for when you are choosing hair extensions. Hair extensions are strands of real or fake hair that you either glue or clip under your real hair, to make your hair look prettier and longer. What should you look for, when buying extensions?

  1. Quality

Always, I repeat always, go for quality. Whenever you are buying a piece to enhance your beauty you should always go for items that are real. Real look way better than fake. So, if you are going for extensions, you should always go for real over synthetic. But if you can’t help it and have to buy synthetic, get the ones that are the highest quality. Never compromise on quality, for long-term use, you should go for real ones.

Buy real hair extensions that match your hair perfectly or get them colored and shaped accordingly, like a quality cute girls hairstyles headband. If are going to use them very seldom, then you should go for the high-quality synthetic ones that you can clip on and off easily.

  1. Do Some Math First

Since extensions are attached to the center of the head, you need to measure the length from there. Say, if you want to add 4 inches to your hair and your hair is 6 inches from the center to the tip then, you will need to get, six plus four, ten inches in total. The center of everyone’s head is different so you will need to get properly measured. You should get your stylist to help you measure the length rather than doing it yourself.

  1. Explore a Bit

Since they don’t come cheap you should always explore a bit then make the actual purchase. Ask around, find the going price for the extensions you need, because you don’t want to buy an overpriced piece. Also, don’t go for something that too low in cost as it won’t be a good quality for sure. An estimate for real hair extension:

  • Partial piece: $400 to $800
  • Full headpiece: $1000 to $1600
  • Full headpiece including length $2000 to $4000

This estimate should give you an idea of the price range.

  1. Choose Local Over Online

It’s better to get help from your local salon, one that you trust. When getting something this pricey you should always get all the help you need. Buying local is better because there is less chance if a rip-off. Even when you are certain about the salon, give others a call too. Ask them their prices and charges and compare. This will make certain that you are buying the better thing.

However, now that there so many trusted online shops for cute girls hairstyles headbands and another kind of Russian virgin hair extensions, you choose online too.

  1. Glued In or Clipped In

If you want to go for the long term, then you should definitely buy the glued in ones. But clip-in ones are the best as far as the reviews go. Clipped in ones are great because you can take them in and out under a minute and you don’t have to live with them.


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