1. Streamline Mediums of Communication

Communication is said to be a very important part of any organization, it’s very commonly believed that communication plays a vital role is the success of any organization and the attainment of the organizational goals. Thus it’s very important that the communication process in any organization especially healthcare should be uninterrupted and unhampered. To ensure this it’s very important to streamline the mediums of communication.

For this purpose, the first thing that you should do is develop an open door policy where anyone of the healthcare professional can simply walk into the room of their colleague or senior for any discussion rather than having to wait to get an appointment. Moreover, face to face conversations should be promoted and preferred rather than conversing through a formal medium like emails.

2. Listen to the Staff

In order to improve communication so that organization can reach its targets and attain its goals, it’s extremely important to listen to everyone. Why? Because communication is not only about dictating or about one-way communication instead an effective communication is the one which is a two-way thing and involves feedback. To ensure effective communication it’s important to give your staff a voice so that they feel they are heard and their input is valued. Plus, remember new ideas are generated when there’s discussion and everyone is given a chance to express?


3. Schedule Regular Meetings

In order to listen to your juniors or seniors or any healthcare staff in your organization it’s important that they are given a proper platform to express their selves or to discuss any issue. For this there should be regular meetings scheduled which should take place no matter what and everyone should know about it and be prepared for it beforehand. Plus, it’s very important that whatever is discussed in these meetings should be implemented because otherwise there wouldn’t be any use of it. If there is a consensus that web based PACS viewer or PACS system should upgraded that it should be done. You can search the term web based PACS viewer or PACS cloud to know more about it.

Remember how bad you felt as a kid when you gave your suggestions on the dining table whenever there was any family discussion and your opinion was never considered important and was never implement? But the difference is that at that time you were too young and immature but now you aren’t thus your input must be considered important, after all you are putting in your time and energy which costs a lot of bucks today.

4. Create Mobile Teams

You can consider making a mobile application where the whole healthcare organization connects, a portal maybe? Where there’s a chat room and a board where updates are uploaded and discussion on different topics are done, where you all can raise any point or start any topic.


5. Make Your Culture Based on Good Communication

Culture refers to the shared believes and values in any organization. It’s important that your facility’s culture rotates around open communication and is not the one that promotes a rather democratic style where everything is centralized and there’s no bond or link that the employees feel with the company.

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