1. Kitchen

Before you move into a new house and set up everything especially the kitchen, it is very important that you clean it well because there are many sticky and greasy spots that emit an unpleasant odor which would make it uncomfortable for you to work in that kitchen. So,

  1. Start move in cleaning with dusting off the ceilings, fans, corners, countertops, hood and cabinets.
  2. Clean the walls and cabinets (from both outside and inside) with a damp towel or surface cleaners.
  3. Scrub the sink thoroughly to remove the dirt and grease. However, to eliminate foul smell from the sink, mix baking soda in water and pour it down the drain.
  4. In the end, mop the floor using anti-bacterial floor cleaners.

2. Bathroom

Who would want to use an uncleaned bathroom? Obviously no one! After you are done cleaning the kitchen, head towards the bathrooms and clean them properly for your use. There is a wide range of different types of bathroom cleaners which you can use to get rid of the stains, dirt and smell. Here is how you can do it:

  1. The first step should always be of dusting off the corners, fans, ceilings, sinks and whatever requires it.
  2. Then proceed to the cupboards or shelves and wipe them correctly to remove the dust and make them ready to be used. If there are glass cupboards or shelves then use glass surface cleaners as it removes all the stains and watermarks off the glass pretty easily.
  3. You can use the same glass cleaners on the mirrors to wipe off stains.
  4. Now comes the time for the bathtub (if there’s any) and the sinks. Give both a good scrub to make them look like brand new ones.
  5. Clean and scrub the toilets with toilet cleaners which are easily available in the market and can wash off the stains and bad odors proficiently.
  6. Lastly, sweep the floor.

3. Walls

If you aren’t refreshing the paint of the house you are moving into then for move in cleaning, you should clean the walls appropriately because you never know for how long that house had been abandoned or how the previous family had lived. If any of these are the case then the walls would definitely call you for a cleanup session. Do the following things:

  1. Use a long broom to remove the cobwebs from the corners and edges of the walls.
  2. If there are stains of crayons or markers, use the erasing product to eradicate them.
  3. To remove mild stains, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water and clean the walls with it gently.

4. Floors

This is a vital move in move out cleaning part. You should clean the floor of your rooms and living rooms by:

  1. For wood floors: Use mild cleaners and sweep the floor properly.
  2. For carpets: Steam cleaners are best to clean the carpets as they can easily clean the tough stains as well. However, you can also hire some pros for cleaning the carpets of your house as they clean it with due care and perfection without leaving any single patch uncleaned.
  3. For other floor types: Depending on the type of floor, pick the appropriate cleaner and sweep it well.


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