You’re reading this content because you’re looking for the “interior painting companies near me.” You might be purchased a home or you want to paint the old one you’re living in. either case, you can refresh your house by doing a new painting job.

But, you’re probably not concern about the cost of the painting from a renowned “remodeling companies near me”. That’s why we’re with this post and it’ll make you able to know whatever you should know about painting your house.

So, you just need to continue reading up to the end of the content. And then you’ll learn everything that you should know about the cost of painting your house.

Cost of Painting a House Exterior

It’s about $2,580 is the average cost of painting the exterior of a house. According to the website of Homeadvisor, its members report about the average costs of their exterior painting task. They have stated out there the painting task of your exterior starts just at $800 that goes up to a maximum of $5,400.

So, most of the homeowners have painted their homes and reported that it cost in between $1,715 to $3,676. Although the overall house painting cost depends on some variables, the major one is the size.

Naturally, a house of 1,500 sq feet will cost much more than a house of 600 sq feet. We recommend $1,000 is a sure bet to make a fresh start. But, you may need to pay more if your house has several stories, or it has previous paint that requires to be worn out.

Cost of Painting a House Interior

Interior painting of a house also varies depending on many factors. Regardless of the factors, it costs from $1.5 to $3.5 per sq foot to paint the interior of a house. But, the cost per sq foot will be in between $3 to $4 if you want to get painted the ceilings and trim. Moreover, you’ll have to pay a bit more if you have any damaged portions of your house.

It’s because the damage parts need repairing before you paint the house. Most of the homeowners like to employ an interior service provider for the interior task of their house. But, many of them like to do the exterior parts throughout the DIY route.

To determine of the interior space in the square foot that you have to paint, you can work out the asking price of the job of an interior painting that you want to do yourself. You can use one coat to skip the primer if you’re only calculating another coating of the similar paint color that you had used before a few years.

Bottom Line

You’ll find some factors involve the amount of painting your home apart from the material you use and its size. You’ll certainly need less money than you assume if you paint it yourself. But, if you compare the cost, don’t forget to add the equipment cost when you go through the DIY route.


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