You cannot renovate your home every time you are looking for some change so it is better to look for some upgrades than a complete renovation. Check out below few tips to upgrade your house.

1. Use Pressure Washer for Outer Cleaning

This tip has proved to be the most useful one for making your home look entirely new. Pressure washer has the ability to remove away the dirt and debris stick to your outer walls and deck for ages. Along with this, your walls and deck get a newer and polished look due to the pressure application exerted on the surfaces.

2. Update your Switch Boards

Switchboards are something which can make your walls look quite outdated if they are not clean or they do not follow the latest design trends. Trust me it does not cost much as you may easily change all the switch boards of your house within $100 approximately and that too if you replace them with the fanciest and stylish ones.

3. Repair Nail Holes

You cannot deny the fact that every house has some old or unused nail holes in every other wall which look quite visible and unpleasant. How about filling those nail holes with some filler materials and repaint the walls for a fresh look? I am sure you would love this idea as it will definitely make your room look entirely new.

4. Get New Floors

Flooring is something that contributes a lot in overall aesthetics of your home so if you have got one which clearly shows the age then you may think about getting new flooring styles. Although this sounds quite expensive but if you have enough budget then flooring can make your house look quite updated for a few years. In fact, you may look for DIY floorings where you won’t have to spend much on installation like laminate flooring which you can easily manage yourself and its installation is not even time taking process too.

5. Add Some Fancy Lights

You must be aware of the fact that how much lights have an effect on total aesthetics of anything. Same rule applies in your home as well where adding some fancy lights can give a new life to your house. For instance, you may add some hanging lanterns, fixed LED lights in walls or under furniture, replacing older lights with newer ones or adding an extremely beautiful crystal chandelier at entrance or drawing room will really make your house look completely new.

6. Upgrade Door Handles and Locks

Changing doors might be an expensive project but changing all locks and handles won’t cost you much while it may really add life to your doors. Look for some fancy and modern handles and lock styles which can give your doors a new and cool look. Also, make sure the new styled locks and handles should complement the door style and other décor of the rooms.

7. Declutter to Make Space for New Stuff

Other than those improvements, you should also focus on the stuff you have. If your rooms are filled with items that you hardly use, you are preventing way for new things. Decide which things are unnecessary and after that use junk removal services NYC to remove those for you.

Once you have disposed of trash and unimportant stuff, your rooms will be spacier and will welcome new items. To select from junk removal Westchester services, go online and also ask around from friends.


Hope above ideas helped you to make your home look newer without putting much pressure on your pocket. Wish you good luck, cheers!


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