If you already paint ceilings, walls, and floor as well. But now it’s time to touch up rollers. What do you think about it wrong or right? No, it’s wrong. You may consider painting the stairs to make the place cool hiring residential interior painting services.

Most of the times, if the stairs are made of wood you’re blank because you have no idea what to paint. When you like the stair runner and its specialty is brass hardware. And it makes a friendly budget option for painting.

In case if you want very simple monochrome for painting. You can check Richard Oullette, who makes a white case. Even you can try a hand pattern as residential painting services do. Here’s the process for you to do it.


For floors and stairs, prep work is needed because they are much more attractive than walls. And before you start painting, you will have to sand the stairs and clean as well.


First of all, you need to apply a primer for the fair amount. An excellent primer will work very well. It’s a critical thing. You have to paint it and wait until it dry. Then you can start the next step.


This is the time you need to decide precisely what do you want to do with the stairs. How you want it looks like. Do you want to use simple color? If yes, then start your work.

If you’re going to give it a bold look, then you want tape or template out in the design. Then you need to use the painter’s tape. Some suggestions are here for this:

Mock Runner: Paint will be the perfect option if you like the runner look and want it as cheap. For doing this, you need to measure around six inches from edge for each riser and step. And you need to do this very carefully.

However, you can continue narrower or broader, depending on the stairs. And then start painting the border with the desired color. Let this dry. Now you can paint the color you want. But before that, you need to replace tapes on the line of the other side.

Stripe: Stripes may make a beautiful graphic look to the stairs, for doing this, try the same kind of tape technique to the runner. Paint after that, let it dry and replace the tape. Now start painting the background.

Painted Risers: To make the stairs more attractive need to paint the risers. For doing it, take off the tape from the bottom edge and top line and paint every riser.

Stenciled: Here is the other artful option? For making allover patterns use a stencil.


When you adjust the pattern, you are ready to paint. Sometimes stairs are slippery for the paint. For that, you can apply grit to paint to apply. It will give an extra texture to it.

You can mix this with the color you are using to paint. Make sure the stairs are dry completely. You should wait for 24 hours to dry the stairs. After that, the stairs are ready to walk.


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