Winter leaves you with a lot of hard work to do, especially when it comes to your yard. No matter how hard you try to keep your yard tidy during winters, it makes you do a meticulous cleanup just as the winter passes by.

1. Clean the Snow Mold and Other Funguses

Let bygones be bygones. Winter is nearly gone and you are about to welcome a new season and that requires a little hard work. Snow mold must have been accumulated in your yard during winter-days, and it is inevitable to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Snow mold has the potential to eat into your plants and the greenery around, therefore, you need to do away with it as soon as you can. Before snow mold kills the ability of grass/plants to healthily grow, you need to clean it up.

2. Clean Pet Poops

Everyone is a pet parent these days, and it is not surprising at all. Pets are always free to go hither and thither, you cannot make them poop in one place, isn’t so? These naughty mates must have been chillaxing in your yard during winters without you knowing about it.

Cleaning pet poops is also important because it must have turned your yard into a stinky and smelly place. After cleaning it up, just make sure to use a room freshener or something of similar nature to get rid of the awful stink.

3. Clean the Fallen Tree Branches and Leaves and Twigs

Winter leaves a lot of debris to clean up. This wreckage also includes fallen tree leaves and branches and whatnot. The leftover of trees has to be cleaned up immediately as it must be covering a larger area of your backyard. You must be having a lot of exciting stuff to showcase in your yard for which you need space. So, get the space cleared by doing away with the mess of plants and trees.

4. Clean the Fruit/Vegetable Wastes and Stuff Like That

While enjoying the winter parties in your yard, you must have forgotten some fruit peelings or vegetable leftovers there, you need to clean them up as well. They must have contributed to the cringe worthy ambience of your yard.

Carefully separate these wastes from other dirt and remove them from your yard.

5. Renew Your Lawn

Your plants must have stopped growing because they have not been trimmed since a really long time. They require urgent pruning, it implies. Similarly, the grass also needs someone to take care of it. You need to instill a new life in your lawn by doing the right things.

6. Plant a New Mulch

Plants and flowers need a new mulch to grow healthily and to a satisfactory degree. The old mulch is no longer good enough to boost the growth of plants. Just like frequent trimming and watering, plants also need a fresh mulch or a fertile piece of earth to nurture themselves to their fullest.

Don’t forget to dump yard waste responsibly. If it’s too much, bring in a Long Island trash removal company to handle it.

You can’t leave this kind of trash in the dustbin or outside of your house. Check out the pricing of Nassau junk removal services and select one.


Cleanups are a bit yawn some but they are necessary to keep our lives up to mark. Therefore, hush all the laziness and get your yard rid of all the winter mess.


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