There are various kinds of free websites, and you can make it easier. You may get several offers from the site and hosting company though there has hugely paid to host and the website company.

From the ecommerce development Sydney to some other web designers, the common question is why everyone doesn’t use the free WordPress website. I will try to show you why a free site isn’t a good idea for your business or use according to some professionals’ opinion from website development services.

Extremely Slow Websites & Unprofessional Web Address

When a free website providing company offers you free, they also share thousands of sites on their same server. As a result, all of the free websites are very slow. You can not make a good SEO on a free website, and it works very slowly.

In general, this type of site is not professional. On the other hand, you can convert your website to the premium by costing some money. A free website doesn’t provide you a professional-looking domain name, and visitors will feel boring.

Trial Service Is Not Free & Hidden Charges for Free Website

When you take a free site, you will be charged at a time. Most companies will cost you more than a premium rate, but you don’t get a discount. They will charge from your debit card without giving any notification.

So, it is the negative side of a free website. If you get trial services, they will ask yours again and again for the charge. Some of the companies will charge for extra and unnecessary services fees, but you cannot tell them anything.

They add some other services like email account, website transfer, image hosting, or FTP access. Meanwhile, their charge is high than the regular rate that is very alarming for you.

They Will Lock Down Your Data

As a free user, if you want to transfer your data into premium services, they will lock your data. As a result, you cannot transfer them quickly.

They have no easy transferable tools for moving your data, and you may lose your data and everything. If you pay them money, then you can exchange or transfer your data from their website.

Unnecessary Advertisement

It is an everyday affair that most free website contains a lot of advertisement. They will receive payment for your content, but you don’t get any facilities.

Most publications are unnecessary, and they often make you bother. There is an unfortunate opportunity for your competitor that they can make an advertisement on your website so that you cannot grow it soon.

They Can Shut Down Your Website & Companies Can Disappear at Anytime

It is an alarming matter that they will shut down their website any time, and you will lose your essential data. They will not provide you any information, and you cannot recover your data in the future.

Sometimes many free websites close their business and go to another track. You cannot take any action against them because of their terms and conditions. So, you should take a proper step before closing their services.

You Will Lose Your Site Address & They Can Sell Your Information

There is another alarming matter that they can sell your essential data to another party. Meanwhile, you will lose your website address and all of your data. On the other hand, you will not be able to create a duplicate website address. So, it is a naughty side for free websites.


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