There are many tips and tricks to provide you a better experience while using PDFs on your iOS devices. These tricks are crafty and resourceful in many ways.

So, here we go with the 10 PDF editing tips and tricks for iPhone and iPad:

  1. Most users may simply choose to view the PDF but for some, editing is key for their respective purposes. Now you can download or buy applications from your App Store which will allow you to sign, print and add important notes to the PDF. Some parts of the PDF may be too important to leave un-highlighted so you can also highlight and utilize a bunch of different options to fully customize the PDF even while you’re viewing it. Along with that, you can share the files on iTunes Sync to keep it safe from getting lost.
  2. There is a range of options you can choose from to view your PDF file on. You can use a PDF viewer, iBooks by Apple or any other PDF viewer application available on iOS. Just simply import these files from external sources and enjoy viewing the file.
  3. Received an important email and need it by your side? Just use the Preview feature and share it with the application that Apple is compatible with and now you only need to import the file to a different application to initiate your work.
  4. There are some requirements when it comes to office workers and students also face this issue of downloading and printing PDFs. Simply use the AirPrint feature and find the printed document, looking exactly like the PDF right in your hands.
  5. One major reason why PDF is the most common file type used by everyone is that it compresses large files into sizeable lengths to keep you safe from dragging on a hundred-page long PDF.
  6. You can use online converters if you are looking for a free JPG to PDF converter. There are some good free JPG to PDF converter apps too which are also capable of doing free PDF to JPG converter, but they are hard to find.
  7. However, it might be that your iOS device is performing slow, due to applications running in the background. To enjoy a smoother experience, just close unnecessary applications and you’ll be good to go.
  8. Having a clustered file system is common nowadays but luckily, there is a tip to get you out of this mess. Simply rely on DropBox to be your aid. Most applications available on the store are compatible with DropBox and you’ll face no difficulty in keeping your documents there and in any circumstance you can even share them with your friends and colleagues.
  9. Since you can’t share all the PDF files through mail, DropBox is actually a necessary alternative to keep it simple and effective. If there are JPGs, you can convert them to one PDF file by using a free JPG to PDF converter.
  10. The text on your PDF file can be edited with ease. This includes all sorts of drawings, notes and text style to make PDFs look pleasing. To meet this need there are many applications available for iOS devices that offer a personalized look to your PDF. Tailoring your PDF just became the easiest task out of all.
  11. There is also the facility to work on PDF files by using what is called a stylus. It lets you draw freely, adding a personalized touch to the work. A basic stylus can be bought from supply stores. Since drawing may become necessary in a few cases, a stylus is a handy product to add finesse to your PDF file.


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