You spend so much of your money to buy the latest smartphones with a fast processor. But, as time passes by, you realize that the speed of your mobile isn’t the same as it used to be when it was a fresh piece. Slow mobile phones aren’t a big thing to worry about. There are many tips and tricks by which you can speed up your phone’s speed within minutes and use cheapest unlimited mobile plan without worry.

  1. Use Storage Cleaning Apps

There are many apps to help you clean your phone’s storage such as, Files Go that is very useful in cleaning up your storage. There are many unnecessary files that go into cached data and takes a lot of space. This app allows you to keep in check the amount of space that is available in your mobile phone and also finds out that how much space is being occupied by a certain file, so you can remove the useless apps from your phone.

  1. Disable or Delete Useless Applications

In many mobile phones, there are built-in applications that are not in your use and eat up a large storage of your phone. You definitely wouldn’t want any useless application to take up a large area of your storage and dull the speed of your phone. Uninstall the unused apps and disable the ones which don’t have the option of uninstalling so that they’ll be restored to their factory version and release a good enough area of your storage.

  1. Check Software Updates

Always make sure that your Android OS version is up to the date. Keep checking if there is any new software update available as it has more bug fixes and helps your phone to run faster.

  1. Try Installing the Lite Versions of Applications

Almost all manufacturers keep adding new features in their applications with time which makes the app a little heavier than before. If you already don’t have enough storage then try using Lite versions of these applications. They provide all the essential features with a little less storage consumption than the original versions.

  1. Deactivate the Animations

When you switch between applications in your phone, they use transitions. These transitions are set by default in Android smartphones, but you can always disable or reduce them. This will help you to switch between the apps faster without waiting for the transitions to be done.

  1. Factory Reset

If you have tried all the tips and still not satisfied then factory resetting your mobile phone is the last option left. It will eradicate all of your data and make your mobile phone new as it has just been purchased. By doing so, all the leftover data that you couldn’t find and be using up your storage will be eliminated as well and your smartphone will start working as a fresh piece. Don’t forget to create a backup for all of your data before resetting your phone.

Give these tips a try and make your phone fit and fast again to match the cheapest unlimited phone plans Australia.


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