Android smartphones can sometimes start doing things which you find really annoying. Try out these tweaks which can make your phone less annoying.

1. Disable Useless Apps


Some apps come pre-installed in your phone which is absolutely useless and also eats up some of your storage. Go through the apps of your phone and disable all the bloatware apps, it would help your phone to function a little faster than before and would also release some storage for you. Buy a new smartphone with phone only plans and save money.

2. Turn Off Auto-Brightness Mode


Auto-brightness feature compensates to the surrounding light accordingly. Sometimes auto-brightness doesn’t work properly and most of the people find it annoying. In that case, you can simply turn off the auto-brightness from the settings, you could then manually adjust your phone’s brightness according to the surroundings.

3. Install Appropriate App Launchers

Whatever app you download creates a shortcut on your home screen which definitely looks cluttered. Fix this annoying mess by installing appropriate app launchers or sidebar launchers which have a room for these shortcuts of apps. This would prevent your home screen from overcrowding and would let you an access to all the apps just a touch or a swipe away. So, when you buy from a good phone only plans, don’t forget to install launchers.

4. Limit Your Notifications

Continuous notifications popping on your phone can be really annoying. Most of them are absolutely useless and you just want to smack your phone at the wall. Well, be patient you can get rid of this vex by managing your notification settings and allowing only useful apps to send you notifications.

5. Enable “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Having a peaceful sleep and your phone starts beeping in the middle of the night? Some old friends left comments on your Instagram picture? Annoying, right? Don’t just hit your phone, there is a solution for this as well. Simply enable “Do not disturb” mode from your settings. Android lets you set a specific time period in which you won’t be disturbed by messages, notifications etc. Make your night or me time peaceful with this feature.

6. Secure Your Phone with a Lock


Do you have an unprotected phone? Whoever picks it up opens and starts using your phone as if it’s theirs? Do you hate this thing? Then what are you waiting for? Reduce the sleep timer of your phone and add a security lock either fingerprint or any pattern. This would secure the privacy of your phone and limit the access.

7. Edit the Shortcut Buttons on Notification Bar


Android has this great feature of the pull-down notification bar. For instance; if your Wi-Fi isn’t working and you have to do some important task, you just pull down the bar and turn on the mobile data. But if it isn’t located on your notification bar you would have to go to the setting and turn it on which would definitely annoy you especially when you are in a hurry. For these situations, rearrange the options according to your use on your notification bar as it would be easier for you.

Try out these tricks and reduce the annoyance of your android smartphone. If you want to get a new one, check out mobile phone deals.


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