These days, a useful chrome extension can do lots for you. It has been possible because of the third party based Google Chrome developers. The extensions available in the Web Store of Chrome can transform easily into a productive tool of powerhouse for free. It just takes a sing-time installation to get the outputs.

Also, you’ll agree with us that there are some amazing extensions to fill the gap between your and Chrome along with your PDF files. It’s because this can make a pain in your neck while dealing with online PDF or using a browser.

Regardless of using password protect PDF free or paid version, extensions are extremely important. That’s why we’re going to share some practical PDF extensions with you that will give you some great outputs.

GViewer Shows Your PDF Documents

Sometimes you get the PDF attachments with emails in your Gmail inbox. But, you may feel the hassle to get it to download and save to open it. When you have GViewer extension, it eliminates the issue and keeps the whole thing in the cloud. Now, you might like to know how it does the task in simple.

viewer goes to a simple way and it enables you to view the PDF attachments in the type of Google Docs. While installing this extension, there is a new feature next to the View option. By clicking on this feature, you can open and view the PDF document in a new tab.

CleanPrint Allows Printing Your PDF Files

If you’re a web searcher or online activist, then you how popular the online tools webpage printing or web clipping. Also, they’re a must-have thing in many cases. You can go through CleanPrint to export your PDF files quickly. Moreover, you can save your webpage into PDF using this app.

But, you can’t just click on “Print…” or “Save page as…” while selecting the printer driver of PDF. It’s because if you do it, this will give you the whole webpage along with some unnecessary things. As it allows you to edit your page before you print, you can print exactly what you need.

PDFescape is a Free PDF Editor

While trying to put all things online, it could be somehow challenging. It especially happens when you get the form of dreaded PDF that you have to fill out. In these cases, PDFescape will be very useful for you. This is not just a free PDF editor; it’s also a great extension for PDF form filling like PDF to Excel converter online free.

After installing the extension, it makes viewable and editable any type of PDF form. It just needs a click to open a dialogue box and you’ll get promoted to being registered for their service. But, you have the option to avoid this process and the service is completely free of cost.

PDF Bookmarker

It can be very frustrating while blocking in the middle part of reading a long PDF file. Thus, it can be more frustrating to keep in mind or find out which the page you were reading. Now, the issue has fixed by the PDF Bookmarker extension. Using this one, you’ll be able to bookmark the page you stopped in the reading.


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