Australia is one of the first countries that release the Galaxy S5 with most of the biggest operators. Not only the handset, but have they also offered S5 plans for their users from the biggest carriers like Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. If you visit the smartphone market you’ll find it like a busy terminal of an airport where handsets are passengers and coming and going frequently. And you lose the affection by the next big one within a few months or a year when you fall love on any new handset. But, S5 has come with for some other reasons as the models boasting improvements in all areas. In addition to these, it’s possibly the best price phone that available so are at this price.

Now, let’s know Samsung Galaxy S5 Plans for the biggest carriers.


If you like to shop the Galaxy S5 from Telstra, you’ll have to pay $70/ month with a $12 charge. You might be surprised that you’ll get S5 at the same price as the HTC One and it’s only available from Telstra. It’s because the carrier solely believes that these two phones are of the equal price. Also, you can get S5 as outright for $912 from the same place that’s ready to join the Next G Network. With a one-off connection fee only for 40c, its calculated call rate is 99c per minutes. Besides, you have to pay 3c for every MB of data that are allowed up to 1.5 GB.


You’ll get S5 at $14 on its Red plan of $65 per month if you buy it from Vodafone. If you’re a heavy mobile user then this plan is for you. It’s because it comes with national phone calls to mobiles and landlines without a limit as well as the same amount of national. So, you need a great large data if you like to get the most out of your S5 handset. Under this plan, you’ll get the promotional offers with double data pack. It means that you’ll get some incredible offers from this plan for data and calls as per the value you’re investing in this phone. But, the plan doesn’t come with services like premium numbers are not getting covered and you’ll get the lowest spend when you like to make an overseas call.


This operator offers S5 at the cheapest price with its plans than any other provider. You can get this phone in only for $35 plan with an extra monthly charge of $26 for two years. It’s true every one likes to get a more reliable network, but they don’t like to pay the premium of Telstra. In this case, Optus takes this chance and it gets it very well. Because you’ll get your premium handset at an affordable cost at the end of the day, you should not essentially underestimate the pack value of $35. These best cheap phone plans Australia will make you availed an unlimited Calls, SMS, MMS, and some other advantageous features.


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