If you take the latest and best iPhone from Telstra, it’ll be a great combination. It’s because you’ll get one of the most popular smartphones along with the fastest and widest mobile network in Australia. Apart from Telstra business plans iPhone, you’ll find a large combination of deals and plans of plenty of iPhones to choose from. That’s why we’re here with a compilation of the most common and popular deals to make you able a head start.

Now, the question is that why you should buy an iPhone on Telstra that’s a great question and the answers are many. The best and most practical one is Telstra has the largest coverage among other carriers in Australia. As a result, being the most expensive mobile network, people use it frequently. When you take a Telstra contract, usually get a lot of perks with them.

Why You Should Buy Telstra iPhone Deals

Let’s know about some of the main things about the major three carriers of Australia if you’re still measuring up the features to buy an iPhone. Its true Telstra is the costliest carrier, but you already know it has the best mobile coverage in the country regardless in urban or rural areas. Besides, you’ll get a wide range of things with it like sports and Apple Music.

Comparison with Optus & Vodafone

You’ll understand clearly what differs from other carriers like Optus and Vodafone in comparison with Telstra. When it comes to Optus, it’s somehow a bit cheaper and data inclusions are likely to be a bit larger as well. This is because Optus focuses higher on more contents. Among many other contents, you’ll get data-free Google Play Music and Spotify on many new phone plans. Also, its customers get a subscription to Optus Sport in free of cost.

On the other hand, Vodafone is the most flexible carrier among others when it comes to shopping the latest iPhone. Also, there is a wide range of pay off tenure like 12, 24, and 36-month that can make reduced your monthly bills significantly. Moreover, you can change your base plan on a monthly basis. And you just need to pay off the rest of your phone’s owe if you like to leave anytime.

Telstra iPhone XS Pricing & Plans

If you’re avid of the iPhone, then you don’t need to look any further to get the iPhone XS. This one is one of the new crown jewels of Apple that has 3D Touch Technology, a Super Retina OLED display, and many more attractive features. Although the iPhone XS is not a cheap item separately, you’ll be able to get it on a 24-month basis plan. That means it’ll be easy to manage to pay the bill of a month than buying it.

You’ll get a lot of contents while taking this deal, including free access to Telstra Air Wi-Fi inside Australia. And when you’re in overseas, you can use the Fon public Wi-Fi hotspots. Also, it’s great for you if you’re a sports lover because you’ll get free access to watch AFL, NRL, and Live Netball.


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