We love hair extensions! And what’s there not to love? Hair extensions not only gives length to our hair but also thickness. You can either get professionally done hair extensions or use clip-in extensions whenever you want. Professionally done extensions are permanent, and that means you don’t have to take separate time out to clip your locks to create your desired look. Although extensions enhance your look, you also have to take proper care of them to ensure they are in good condition. That’s why hair extension treatment and aftercare are very necessary. And we are here to help you understand how to take care of your extensions and what to do to retain their longevity.

1. Properly washing your extensions

Washing your extensions correctly is a basic yet important step. The good news is that your extensions can be treated just like you treat your natural hair (not in a neglecting way). While you can use any mild shampoos and conditioners for washing your extensions, it’s better to listen to what your technician suggests. Avoid putting alcohol-based products on the shafts as they can bleach the hair (if synthetic hair is used) and irritate texture and smoothness. We also recommend you wash your hair in the shower and allow the water to flow down your hair. This will make it easier for you to detangle after a shower. Remember stretching your extension can loosen its grip. Try using cold to lukewarm water, as this won’t strip natural oils from your hair.

2. Drying your extensions

Washing isn’t everything. You need to know the proper techniques for drying your extensions. Many extension wearers make this mistake, wear their fake hair off to bed. That’s not good at all! You can get your hair tangled. Sleeping with wet extensions also leads to matted roots or falling out. Sleeping with your wet extension means you are sleeping when your hair is the most vulnerable; this can lead to damage to your natural as well as fake hair. You need first to detangle them and then brush them. Then use a blow dryer to dry at least 50 percent of your hair. Always use a cool setting to dry your hair and extensions.

3. Hair treatment for extensions

Hair treatment is the best way to keep your extensions in good shape. Oil your hair once a week and use hair treatments, for example, protein treatment, hair mask, etc., once a month for silky smooth locks. Keep the hair filled with moisture by conditioning every time you shampoo. You don’t need to wet your hair every day; using water frequently can strip your natural oils and make your strands dry and frizzy. Deep conditioning once a week is enough to achieve smoother and softer hair. For oils, use argon oil, coconut oil, or olive oil as they give proper nourishment to your hair. You can even make your own hair treatment mask at home if you don’t like masks from stores.


These are some tips for you to consider while caring for your extensions as well as your hair. Pay special attention while washing and drying your hair. Don’t use heat styling much as they can burn your hair. Keep your hair in a low bun whenever you head out to prevent dirt and dust from contacting your hair. If you want to do hair color in your extensions you need to search “hair color services near me” in order to get the hair color services near your location.


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