It is challenging to design a website, but what’s trickier is website development. Developers have to be extra careful while coding a website. Web developers need to choose a web hosting platform and data storage for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in, how the design will be implemented and JavaScript frameworks to include. After they have listed everything, they get down to work. But one small mistake can cause the most significant agony. So web developers need to be very mindful while doing the task. Yet, they make mistakes that impact their work significantly. Here are some most common mistakes that web developers make.

1. Old Fashioned Coding

Remember those days where every coding needed to be done by yourself without any help? There used to be less markup compared to now. With the advancement of technology, the development of a website has become more accessible and less stressful. Yet, many developers still prefer to write their HTML in the old school form. Doing coding in old school isn’t bad if you are aware and relevant to the modern forms. For example, if you are using tags that aren’t supported in the current HTML, you will get no value.

2. Overloaded Pages

The page you are working on is filled with pictures and graphics of high quality and are scaled-down with the use of IMG height and width attributes. Files linked from the page such as CSS and JavaScript are plentiful, and thus loaded pages may take time to load and give lazy responses. The source HTML markup may be extensive. All of these results in taking more time than usual to render and this might cause the users to lose interest or reload the page again.

3. Not Designing a Responsive Site

It’s not rocket science! Modern websites require responsiveness because a higher percentage of site viewers use their phones to visit the sites. Hence not developing a website responsive feature in it may lose the attraction of the website. When viewing the site using a phone, the user experience suffers. Google even keeps non-responsive sites at a lower ranking.

4. Creating Pages That Are Search Engine Friendly

You may create pages and load them with information and detail that you think useful, but if you aren’t providing hints to search engines, they won’t recognize your content. You need to implement accessibility features, or else it’s no point. You need to use SEO for the contents and pages and support accessibility in HTML. The idea is to get as many visitors to a page as you can. To enable better availability, code using alt followed by image description attribute in every image tag.

5. Stuck to Only One Browser

This last mistake is pretty simple to understand. As a developer, you will always have browsers you prefer and abhor. But don’t just test your developed website using the browsers you prefer. Keep in mind, everyone’s preference isn’t the same. People might like to use the site on browsers that you don’t like. You might be a bit biased, but it won’t help you make a better website. Test on both good and bad browsers and try to improve the issues. Working the site on different browsing platforms can also help you identify any underlying problem.

That was the list of 5 mistakes developers often make. Hope it helped you identify the mistakes you have been making. If you are looking for web developers on the long island, a quick tip would be searching on the internet for long island web design companies that will help you find one.


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